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How do I make a bed to rent for Player

bed rent inn pc tavern renting

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Trying to make a bed that you can rent as the player, in a tavern I made.

I tried to see how the original developers made this happen but it is not very clear to me.

Does anybody know how to do this?




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I figured it out so I'll write it down for anybody else who wants to do the same.


first you will need an NPC with the publican class, they will have most of the dialogue available already for renting a bed.


second you will need to make a global variable. You can find the global variables under: "Gameplay->Globals". Click on the "New" Button" and name it: "Rent_InsertLocation_InsertTavern", this is the Lucky Lockup's global variable for example: Rent_Balmora_Lucky. Change nothing about it and click on okay.


Attach the global variable you just made to the bed you wish to rent out and you can also attach it to a locked door if the bed is behind it, you can do this under the "Extra Data->Global Variable / Rank" section of a bed or door. Don't forget to assign your Publican NPC as the owner to the bed and door.


Now you have to make script and attach it to your Publican NPC


You should look at the script that is attached to Benunius Agrudilius, the Publican of the Lucky Lockup. The script name is: "Pub_Balmora_Lucky"

You should name your script something similar: "Pub_Location_Name"

Replace every "Rent_Balmora_Lucky" with your own Rent Global that you made earlier.

If you have a locked door, replace every "Rent_Balmora_Lucky_Door" with the ID of your door (give your door a new unique ID like Rent_Location_Name_Door)



Everything should work now.



If you want to, you can make Dialogue Response when you rent the bed from the npc, that will direct you to your room.

If you do you should add these conditions:

"Function->Choice = 1"

"Item->Gold_001>= 10"


And put this in the results box:

set rent to 1 ;this does everything in the publican's script
additem, gold_001, 10
player->removeitem, gold_001, 10
moddisposition 2


When you rent a bed, the door will be unlocked and I assume that the ownership is removed as well because you can now use the Bed without getting a bounty.

Hope this helps!

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