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Ever since entering labrynthian game keeps crashing and i can't figure out why

ctd labrynthian crash mods

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Here is my mod list: https://modwat.ch/u/SeanStott


been playing with the same mods since i started this save and have gotten 53 hours in but now whenever i load up my game it just crashes to desktop almost immediately. Sometimes it is immediately when i load into the world and sometimes it's about a minute after but it does crash every time. Had absolutely no issues until i entered labrynthian and ever since then it just CTDs every time.


Would appreciate any support as I'm completely stumped thanks a lot in advance.



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Does your game crash only in Labyrinthian or does it crash everywhere since you entered there?


If it's the first option then you probably have a corrupted mesh inside Labyrinthian, you need to disable mods one by one who change or add something there, especially graphical mods and test until you find the mod that's causing the ctd, if it's a mod that adds or changes meshes then you can hide all meshes in MO2a and re-enable them by batches of five, once  it starts crashing again then re-enable the last five one by one again until you find the corrupted mesh, once you found it you can run it through CAO and replace it inside the mod, or if it still crashes just keep it in hidden state inside MO2.  If you don't use MO2 but NMM you can  take a backup of data/meshes/architecture/labyrinthian  and meshes folders of objects inside labyrinthian, to find out which ones you'll have to load your mods in xEdit and look for them in each of your mods affecting that zone, and do this procedure manually,inside the data folder, delete all the meshes inside and then restore them by batches of five from your backup until you find the faulty one.  If you use Vortex I can't help you as I never used that mod manager, but I guess there must be a similar procedure possible.


If it's the second option, then your savegame is probably growing too large, then you need engine fixes mod and enable large savegames inside it's ini file.



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Are you still on v. 1.597?  Have you cleaned any of the game masters (update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfires.esm, Dragonborn.esm)?


You could load up one of the crash log mods, .Net Script Framework (not for v 1.6+), or Crash Logger (https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/59596) - for v 1.6+.  Maybe you could get some useful info from one of these.


Just a thought, Labyrinthian triggers the cascading events at the College, right?  Especially the dancing lights there?  Those guys seemed to cause me some problems long ago, more so once I started getting the mission(s) to close their access points.




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Spoilers below.


You might experiment with your game-saves.  Which is the latest one that will load the game and allow gameplay without CTD?  What happened between that save and the next one? Did you add a new mod between those saves?


We ruined our College of Winterhold Quest by entering Labyrinthian early, before starting that quest, by entering the upper-ledge trapdoor-exit at the end of the dungeon, and then by using the platter no-clip glitch to get to the word-wall.   


Note that doing this did not crash our game.  It simply broke the College quest.


We reloaded an earlier save, from before "breaking in," and our College-Quest then played fine.


If you haven't caused the crash this way, then we might recommend you perhaps find out about how to "verify and validate your local Skyrim files at STEAM," but please be cautious, since STEAM is doing automatic updating too.


We don't know how STEAM updates are bugging players at this stage, and there is a lot of information on these forums about it. 


We have found the crash-log useful, as mentioned by @7351Leonidas, but it usually tells us to load an earlier save, though its information often suggests  how our gameplay changed after adding a new mod while trying to stay in the same gameplay-sequence with the same character.  

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