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How do Scripts pull items from the game?

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Hey guys, I am trying to make a display case for Nuka Colas at the moment and I am kinda stuck with the script. I tried to read the script of the bobblehead stand as a reference, as it should basically do the same thing I want my display case to do. There are two things I dont get at the moment though.



How does the game find the correct bobblehead to display from the game files? It uses "BobbleheadAlias_Perception" for example, but wouldn't it have to use the id or the pathing for the mesh to display anything?



How does the stand know where to put which bobblehead, because it will always display the luck bobblehead (for example) in the same position.



Writing this, it occured to me, that it might be the case, that the displayed bobbleheads are already contained in the bobblehead mesh. is this or something like it the case?

Also, I do know that nodes are used for positioning, but then again, the names of the nodes never get read anywhere, at least to my knowledge.




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Node names are embedded into the rack model.


Know what? All these rack scripts are dumb as hell, they take away your exact item, but put BaseItem on display instead. That's damn big trouble when you want to display custom skinned pipboys in magazines stand, let's say, on ps4. Arrrrrgh...


ps. Node names are listed in array DisplayBobbleheadStructArray as a parameter of script sitting on object, nodes themselves along with their names are hardcoded in model.


pps. Magazines script is more friendly to understand MagazineRackContainerScript . Also NukaWorld dlc has the stand and script to tinker with, by the way.

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