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I used DarkLab to add mods to the game, in my opinion, it was the best, you add it manually without having to install any program, you could organize the mods your way, so from what I understand, DarkLab is no longer updated, and for some reason it stopped working.
Then came Vortex Mod Manager, a manager that needs to be installed, you don't have the slightest control of where it will be installed! By clicking on the installation icon, it simply installs itself on your computer and you be damned!
You have to log into the software for it to work. It generates many files within the APP data, and after installing the mods, it generates repeated files in ABSOLUTELY every folder of the game in question, unnecessary files that make some kind of "propaganda" about the author, and if the game in question has 1000 folders, it will generate 1000 repeating files within each folder. Who thought of it? It's a software that does things you don't have absolute control over, you can only do something after installing it, it doesn't ask you where you want to install it, it generates a lot of files on the system, which compared to DrakLab, is a complete TRASH. Duplicates numerous unnecessary files in each game folder that has been modified. Check for yourself, how many repeating files it will generate in your game after installing mods. All this to in some cases not work! After you've done all the mods installation procedure, you're still not sure that this software will fulfill its role.
It's not because it's a free Mod manager, that the author should follow this path, there are countless creators of mod tools, who do an exceptional job with simple software, without those problems that I mentioned and that fulfill their role, and in the end of the day they ask nothing in return! They do it out of love, because they want to help others. I have nothing personal with the author of this tool, but it sucks! I can't express in words how terrible this tool is. I will never use it again, I'd rather study years on how to develop a mod manager than use this one again.

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It seems you have almost no understanding of how to use Vortex.


If you'd like to move things out of AppData, you can simply change the paths in settings for the Downloads and Mod Staging Folders. 


If you're having a problem that isn't user error or would like to request a change, you can contact the extension creator here: https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/59


I'm going to lock this thread as it's just an unconstructive rant. 

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