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Sky-Rogue (Rogue-Like Skyrim!)

rogue like roguelike mod system random unfair difficult challenging onelife

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Ok lets face it this probably isn't Rogue-like since I haven't played Rogue but I think it fits under the genre's category. Anyways this is basically my take on playing Skyrim as a Rogue-like. Sadly I cannot program so I can't make the process automatic but I do have the ideas for it. So I am going to go over the way I made my Skyrim Rogue-like (in a very basic sense that is.)


First off these are the essential mods you'll need to make this work:


Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival by: Chesko    Link: http://skyrim.nexusm...om/mods/11163/? This will provide much more challenge in survival and will force you to be prepared for the cold harsh climates of Skyrim.


Eat and sleep by: kuertee      Link: http://skyrim.nexusm...om/mods/13246/? Again, this will be providing more aspects to kill you, and of course due to that make the game more difficult. 


Alternate Start - Live Another Life by: Arthmoor      Link: http://skyrim.nexusm...com/mods/9557/? This will make starting new character a lot less dull, and will give you different ways to start off the game. Note: It seems like using the chance option in the menu ends up picking 3-4 of the options listed, or at least in my experience. I would personally recommend closing your eyes and picking randomly by hovering your mouse at a point in the menu and then scrolling up/down for a few seconds and clicking from there. If there are any side-options I would recommend using the rolling system like the rest of the choices you will see down below. 


The way the rolling system works on weapons, and armour is that instead of having a de-buff like most other RPGs would give you for using the wrong gear, in Sky-Rogue I prefer to just have it completely un-usable and due to the limitations of me being unable to code you will have to remember everything yourself, I would recommend just grabbing a piece of paper and writing things you won't remember down.





1. You have one life, if your Skyrim crashes use your previous save. Save often.

2. Do not min/max, do not abuse game mechanics, keep the gameplay lore-friendly. (Example: Pickpocketing repeatedly after training)

3. No fast travel

4. Stick to your character's results, or else it defeats the purpose.

5. No savescumming

6. Above all else use your own judgement to keep the experience best for you.


Note: All the randomization I do is done by http://www.random.org/ and I find it reliable for random results.


Character Setup – Basic – Required

Race Roll 1-10 – The race is determined going top to bottom, for example 1 is top, 10 is bottom.


GenderRoll 1-2 – (-1 Male-) (-2 Female-)


Character Visuals Roll 1-? - Depending on how many presets you have available on that race. I would suggest doing the same for eyes, lips, hair, hair colour and eye colour if you want to keep your characters looking unique. You can apply warpaint to your character if you think it's appropriate with the rest of the results.


Armour StyleRoll 1-3 (-1 Clothing-) (-2 Light Armour-) (-3 Heavy Armour-)


Weapon Style – In order to determine available weapons roll 3 times, if you get the same weapon class multiple times, do not re-roll, it will simply be a limitation of the character.

- Roll 1-11 - (-1 Daggers-) (-2 Battleaxes-) (-3 Greatswords-) (-4 Maces-) (-5 Staves-)

(-6 Swords-) (-7 War Axes-) (-8 Warhammers-) (-9 Unarmed -) (-10 Bow-) (-11 Magic-) Note: If Dawnguard is installed roll up to 12, with 12 being the crossbow.


Stealth Roll 1-3 - (-1 Yes-) (-2,3 No-)


Stealing Ability Roll 1-4 (-1 No-) (-2 No-) (-3 No-) (-4 Yes-)


Name – Personally I would suggest using the Tamriel Rebuilt name generator, and picking the first name it gives you.


Character Setup – Advanced – Optional But Recommended

Personality Roll 1-3 - (-1 Intimidating-) (-2 Charming/Funny-) (-3 Intelligent-) You'll have to decide on what is what during dialogue options yourself since they aren't always very clear.


Ability To Ride Horses - Roll 1-4 - (-1,2,3 No-) (-4 Yes-)


Crafting KnowledgeRoll 1-10 - (-1 Blacksmithing-) (-2 Enchanting-)

(-3 Leatherworking&Blacksmithing-) (-4 Leatherworking-) (-5 Alchemy&Enchanting-) (-6 Alchemy-) (-7 Alchemy&Enchanting-) (-8 Enchanting&Blacksmithing-) (-9&10 None-)


Gods Roll 1-3 - (-1 Aedra Worshipper-) (-2 Daedra Worshipper-) (-3 In-Different-) Note: Vampiries&Werewolves automatically bypass this, and pray to their respective gods unless turned against their will.


Ability To Pickpocket Roll 1-3 - (-1 Yes-) (-2,3 No-)


Werewolf / Vampire - Roll 1-20 - (-1-18 No Infection-) (-19 Werewolf-) (-20 Vampire-) Note: This will have to be set using console commands.


Dragonborn Or NotRoll 1-20 (-1 through 19 No-) (-20 Yes-) Note: Not being Dragonborn completely blocks off the main questline, unless you can susbend your disbelief to being referenced as Dragonborn by everybody.


Marriage Options / Sexual Orientation – 1-10 - (- 1 through 6 Heterosexual-) (-7,8,9 Bisexual-) (-10 Homosexual-)


Character Weight Level Roll 0-10 – Adjust the bar accordingly. Note: This directly correlates with the ability to mine, characters bellow weight 50 cannot mine, unless they can use a two handed weapon.


Political Stance – Nords: Roll 1-3 (-1 Imperial-) (-2 Stormcloak-) (-3 Neutral-)

Non-Nords: Roll 1-11 (-1 through 5 Imperial-) (-6 through 10 Neutral-) (-11 Stormcloak) Note: If your character's race is Imperial they cannot be Stormcloak, instead any Stormcloak result is to be treated as an Imperial result.


I hope you guys have as much fun with it as I have had, and most likely will have. I've been doing something like this for awhile but just created this system right now. Keep in mind this is all one big guideline and you can add and remove what you think is applicable and best for you. If I see any great suggestions down below I could implement them in here, and thank you for reading, and thanks to my cousin for proof-reading this thing for me (known as "The Friendly Neighbourhood Spy" on Steam.) :D


Note: If a modder would like to try and undertake this into a fully-scripted system that would be pretty amazing, just throwing it out there if anybody wants to try, but the amount of work would be immense.

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