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Floating semi transparent NPC shadows from different cells

cell location actor

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I have a dungeon with multiple cells connected to each other.

Tamriel Exterior Location -> Dungeon Level 1 -> Dungeon Level 2 etc   

Exterior Location in Worldspace has a unique <Location> entry with Tamriel as its parent.

Level 1 has its own Location name "Level 1 Interior" with parent being the external location. Level 2 has its own Location entry with parent being the Level 1 location etc.    


In cells, I have places NPCs and in Reference Property I added Presistent Location to the Location of each level. When I didnt do that, the enemies would follow player to next level of dungeon and I do not want them to.  Enemies aggroed on player on level 1 would also be visible on map as red dots even on level 2. Putting NPCs as presit location for each level made them separate from level 1 and level 2. Meaning if I have enemy "X" in level one aggroed on me, when I enter level 2 they not only DO NOT follow me, but also I dont have any red dots on my map. This is what I want.

Without presistent location they follow me or keep being marked as enemies even on different floors.


Now, if I run past level 1 without killing the NPCs and load level 2 (both cells occupy similar coordiantes, eg both have starting point of 0,0 (they are big, and I had issues when objects coords were above 10k).


So when I enter level 2 I see floating shadows of npcs from what I assume is level 1. If I would kill them the shadows would be gone.






Those shadows are FX the NPCs produce. If you get close to them you can also hear their passive sounds. No interaction though.  The shadows are in coords cooresponding to their coords in their proper cell.


Looks like game keeps all enemies from floor 1 loaded despite player entering new level with its own Location. Like they are presistent all the time. According to CK wikia the presistent location makes the enemies presistent only within that location. If I remove the Presit Location the enemies follow me to level 2.



Any help? Or Ideas?   


The only workaround would be to move the entire level 2 by like 10k on any axis, so they dont overlap, but this is not ideal. I have multiple levels and worldspaces acting as caves and I cannot move worldspace axis.

Im sure the issue lies somewhere with Location setup. I checked vanilla multicell dungones in Skyrim and enemies there have also presistent location setup to their cell.

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