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Is there anyone willing to make a mod for me?
I will write what is going on, maybe it will be easier.
- weaken hand-made firearms (does not pierce vests and deals little DMG)
- strengthen a good quality weapon (to real value, one shot, one death)
- weaken helmets for large-caliber weapons (rifles and sniper rifles easily pierce helmets)
- every 7 levels you get 1 skill point
- skill points cost 1 (you can add a few if someone can)
- no one gets + HP after advancing to a higher level (Dlc HP level does not depend on the player's level), everyone has a low health all the time
- a rusty weapon has a 96% chance to block
-no possibility to enter the city or any other location, only a general map (you can enlarge it if someone can) and random events (you can add a few if someone can)
- in random events it does not start surrounded by an opponent
-The opponents must not have good quality weapons
-only a large caravan sells firearms
-only chardkor mode (death removes all saves)
I will write about the starting inventory and changes in character creation when someone answers.

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