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Regarding Vampire Modding

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Hello all ,
was thinking to create a fresh vampire mod although i'm unsure what new this mod could offer regarding the game's lore .
Most mods out there take advantage of other games like VtM Bloodlines lore and while it's not that bad of way it still doesnt feel quite right .
So far the way vampirism is implemented in game is all about increased stats and four powers depending on vampirisms current stage . Was looking to expand a bit on that . Also there's the matter of lore .
Cyrodiil Vampires are influenced more from Clavicus Vile than Molag Bal with whom they made a pact to survive . Subtlety over power , unlike Skyrim . Now that is a real problem .
While its my problem how to work on it i would like to hear peoples thoughts on this so I keep in mind what should and should not appear on this mod .
Thanks and cheers !



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My first thought is of course to check everything about Vampire Lore at UESP, which you may already did.


Another old player that still roams the forums is Vampire Dante. he did play Morrowind and oblivion but I have not talked to him since 2008 and I doubt he will see this but you never knows if he stumble in at this Oblivion forum. as this topic is his speciality what I can recall. If somone knows a lot about his, it is him.  if you really wanna know his opinion, send him a PM and see if he answers or not. Show him your teeth. Put him up against the wall.


AlienSloof did have a Vampire in Morrowind called Basil if I recall right. She had her hard drive crashed, lost him but she is deep into TES since at least 2004 and knows a lot and she reads PM's as i got replies from her a week ago last time. her Vampire looked brutal, an Altmer in Gothic style. I think she also made him for oblivion but then the HD went to Nirn or rather to hell...    :wink:


But honestly I do get the feeling you do have an idea about what you really wanna achieve and make. The Oblivion players do not hang at the forum, well a few passes, but a mod i did release August 2000 did have 100 Downloads within 2 months so the player base is still peeking at the new mods. I do not know how big the base is for Vampire related stuff but it have always appealed to many players, to be able to play evil, TG and DB and to be powerful.   :ninja:


Vampire was a big deal in Daggerfall, which as so damn cool. A friend to me did play one 1996 already, before I took the CD from him, installed it myself.  :D  Played it for 2 years or so...   He was vampire in it and loved it if I recall right. He was really happy...  :wink:  Not that it will help you with any lore ideas in any way really.


I do hope you implement a cool quest series into your project. Maybe it can be made in a way that the player either choose to become an Vampire or hunt them. I do love to be able to smash Vampires around really. I do not fancy what AlienSlof used jewels at that poor Vampire she had, Basil, but he had jewels attached to a couple of painful places. A Vampire can stand the pain, no doubt. Do they even feel it? They do complain in game when I hit them with wooden arrows, sucking out their low life force, their souls making them stop suck blood, taking their life, slow but steady. No vampire can survive my wooden arrows for a long time, I made sure of that...   :devil:


//The Vampire Hunter.  The order of the Virtuous Blood   :sleep: May Mara protect us...  :ohmy:

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