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Morrowind's 20th Anniversary - Modathon, Prizes, Memories!

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I really think that in some years, or decades, Morrowind will be appreciated as one of the masterpieces of this century. A truly triumph of world and gaming design, a world that lives beyond your presence as a character. Morrowind is an experience. Doesn't matter if it's your favorite of the series or not, after playing it, it will be tattooed in your memory.
I started playing it in 2002 when it was released. I remember that it was really fun to climb over the Vivec buildings, kill the ordinators with a stolen Daedric Bow from above, pay the fine and sell the armors and weapons stolen afterwards. It requires a brilliant mind to create an environment that you can freely create the practices that you can do inside it with no limits, and Morrowind reached that brilliance in a way that no other game ever had done.
Fastforward to 2020. Covid 19 Pandemic, Quarantine. I stopped traveling, one of the passions of my life. After 16 years, I returned to Morrowind, and it really felt like traveling, it was the unique experience that calm my travel hunger. Because Morrowind is that, the experience of traveling to a different place, a different background. The feeling that you are living an adventure.  

Not a game. An experience.

Happy 20th birthday to this amazing creature

Anyway, kudos and thanks to Danae, Xerofoxx, Darkelfguy, Rubberman,  etc., etc.  and all the modding community that do a fantastic job to keep this game more alive than ever. 

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I came later to the party regarding the morrowind community. made an account on this site when it was then called tessource. Unfortunately i can't access that account anymore, as it was tied to an emailadress which is not in use anymore. And the staff won't give my account back, despite i clarified my situation. This is the case since the whole site got changed. My old name was candesco. 
Anyway, i actually first started with oblivion, then switched to morrowind. My first steps in morrowind wasn't very succesfull. Died over at Seyda Neen to some slaughterfish swimming there. Later on i started to use mods. For that i used tessource, planet elder scrolls, elricM and some others. And i was also on the official forum of bethesda. It started little first, then it only started to grow and grow. Better bodies, clothiers of vvardenfell,. slof's better beasts, westly's shrine of azura, unofficial morrowind patch from thepal, to name a few. Sometimes i still play morrowind. Then i install it, use a backup of the mods i use and put that back and then just go again. Morrowind is one of those games to which i always go back. 

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