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Mod Idea : Weekly Speedrun Challenge, with random builds

speedrun mod random build

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Hi everyone !


I'm planning to organize a weekly Speedrun Challenge. The idea would be :

- Each week, there's a new challenge with a random build (like random weapons and magics) ;

- The goal is to kill few bosses (~5) which would be randomly picked among a list (the "first" bosses would be selected, like not after Rennala or Radhan) ;

- The game time of players will be then stored in a Google Sheet, with a ranking depending on time (with a human pre validation of the runs).


I'm just starting to organize all of this, but I'm wondering if I should code a new mod for it, or of there is any existing mod which could help. At least, I need a mod which allows me to fastly create a build (I can handle the random part easily by myself), but the BEST mod I can dream of would be a mod that adds the category in the starting menu, with the ranking system integrated to the game, with an automatic saving of time runs, a mechanism that forbidds players to switch his weapon, etc.


I'm looking for any tips. Thanks by advance ! :)

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