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NPC ambush/trap triggers fail on save reload

ambush fallout npc spawns enemy

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when I test my interior, the ambush spawns and trap triggers seem to work at first (although some NPCs are spawning early, maybe triggered by a rival NPC ?)

but, during my testing if I die before making it to the end and I reload the last save and return to the location, this time all the triggers do nothing ?

Anyone know if there's something related my interior cell breaking these ? And/or someway to figure out what it is ?


It's a small-ish interior with navmesh and room portals. Ambushes use the premade pack-ins, everything set up following Seddon's tuts.


Would appreciate any help if someone's had a similar problem.



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Heyas 3ickyC :smile:  Ok so the actual technicalities of this, is over my head.  I dunno the ins and outs of it, for this particular game.


What it sounds like, is that your triggers aren't set up to persist. IE: They only fire once, like a single barrel shotgun.  It doesn't sound as if they are scripted to "reload" (using the shotgun imagery) 

What I'm trying to say, is that your scripts are set to only fire once.  And since the savegame loaded when you resurrect HAS that trigger being fired in it, the game basically thinks that it doesn't have to do anything with that spawner again.

I think what you would want to do is set it for peristant, and then have a deactivator in the end of the quest activation.

[edit] Errr... wait.  I'm thinking it wrong.  what you would want is to have it so that the script for the activator loads, when X actor gets within range of it.  And you might possibly have the spawner set to only spawn once.  That's where the script and bethesda's bad game saving is biting you in the rump.




But, how to do that.... again... I'm not THAT familiar with Bethesda :sad:

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