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The Gatekeeper is possibly the real Jyggalag, discussion

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I have been putting some thought into the idea that the Gatekeeper is the body of the real Jyggalag and the Sheogorath we know is his Aspect, wrenched from the "Gatekeepers" body and created by those who defeated him. Everything we are told of the Gatekeeper is part of the design of those who defeated Jyggalag and have a vested interest in keeping him bound and shamed.

Some of the points I want to make, which I firmly believe back my investigation into the Gatekeeper are listed below,

1. The size of the Gatekeeper and Jyggalag is relatively close. Infact, no one else is even close in size to either the Gatekeeper or Jyggalag, atleast within the Shivering Isles. And this would be because the Gatekeeper is the tortured and tormented husk of Jyggalag.

2. The "Gatekeeper"(Jyggalag) is bound with shackles from head to toe at the very entrance to his realm. He is scarred and brutalized, as if to shame him and show off that he was defeated by the other Daedra.

3. Jyggalag was too powerful to kill or even control, because he is also an Aedric/Daedric God. So instead, his personality was split by the other Daedra, leaving what is the tortured and tormented husk and, a lone deranged, out of touch aspect, crafted by the other Daedra to be just that.

Elaborate on any of the points that I've brought up and definitely share the things you know which also help us understand the real story of the Shivering Isles.



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Nice theory, but it's established in the SI main quest that the gatekeeper was created from bodyparts. It's more of a flesh atronach than anything.



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It acts like Frankenstein's monster more or less who was also built of body parts the year 1819 to be exact when that story was released. It is part of SI and Jyggalag is Sheo...  It is all in the mix... So odd and weird.  :D

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