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Oblivion Script Extender Problem

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When I searched for "No Borders" mod, the search gave only this one - "No visible map borders for Nothern UI". Is it the one?

If so, I suspect some incompability of Nothern UI with your mods. If you really use Nothern UI, what happens if you uninstall it or at least disable all mods dependant on it?


To Pellape: In fact I still need OBSE working on Win XP too, that's why I didn't switched to xOBSE. 



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Oki. That will explain.  :smile:  I do guess that xOBSE do not use any special commands that are not supported by OBSE as well? I use the CS Wiki info when i code OBSE. I still need to test so everything in my mod works with both OBSE and the latest xOBSE I guess. If I will get issues with my obse save file, shifting, I will just load an old save and make a note here. It will take some days though. I will not rush it as I am peeking at Skyrim stuff right now. I cannot be everywhere at the same time...  :wink:  I am not a multitasker. Well if such info is interesting that is. I am curious myself honestly. Can we jump back and forth between 9 years OBSE?  IDK.  :D  I will find out. If not anyone advice against it that is. I know my stuff will work with OBSE from 2013 anyway. If Idle make up new cool commands, and if I fancy tham, I can always make an addon. I think he did make a new command if I recall right and maybe more?  He did mention in my bug report that con save is what it is. He sure wish that it would had been possible to prevent string bloating. When I made my bug report for xOBSE v22.x, he fainted when he saw my save files and told me how to use strings properly. We all have to learn that at some point I guess...    :wink:   Damn strings...  They can make big problems if not destructed. 


Sidetracked...   Sorry...    :wink:   We debated OBSE and a FG quest...  Right.  Good you did found a workaround really. That workaround will not work with my spells and quests that I made. Not if I do not want to rebuild my databases. So do not do it if you save stuff in my arrays if you pplan to play my WIP or both my WIPs...  :wink:   It will be possible to store stuff in a database with the trading mod as well. Optional of course. If you did not stored stuff in any database, then there is no problems to run the game without OBSE, save and activate OBSE again. That is the way it is. No harm will be done. It is possible to fill up those databases quickly anyway. A spell fixes that.


Lets add that if your obse save file grows in a rapid speed and saves get slower faster than expected, you have string bloats. Bash will not see them. One mod is causing it + I did cause it in my own saves. I fixed mine over a year ago or similar. Just a tip from from me what I now know.

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