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Inexplicable giant walls in my cave?

creation kit cave interior cell setup mountain walls blockage mysterious weird bug

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So, today I started work on a few little caves my thief character can retreat to. I've built lots of interior cells for LE, so this is far from my first delving into the creation kit. So I built the cave, added some lights, and sent my character in to check it out. Well... there are these giant walls all over the place that block the passages. They appear to be using the texture for the mountains, but they're not mountain pieces. These walls appear to intersect each other at various points. Even stranger, they can't be targeted in the console and disabled.


I did not add these things to my cell. What I did was open my plugin in the CK, duplicated and renamed the aaaMarkers interior cell, removed all objects except the NavMesh, and went to work. What went wrong to add these mysterious pieces?


Edit: They also appear to be one-way pieces. If I toggle collision and walk through they and turn around, they are not visible from the other side. They can also be walked through from behind, but not from the front side :\

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Toggle everything on in the CK.  Sounds like something was left behind when you duplicated the cell. It may be an invisible marker that is referencing something else so if you toggle everything on, you should be able to see all that is in the cell.  You can also look in Cell View which will list all the objects in the cell.  You should be able to tell what you don't want there and then deleted it.


Better to just save a new cell rather than trying to delete all from copied cell.  But if you are going copy an existing cell, then delete from the Cell View.

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