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Identifying Variables in Wolvenkit

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I am new to modding on this game, trying to edit ciri's body_01_wa__ciri.w2mesh


under chunks>Bonepositions I am trying to know what each variable identifies as, there are +80 variables as far as I can see, tried editing the numbers on the first 10 and her trousers got shorter, but I wanna know if there's any way to know what each variable is responsible for so I can edit without going into the game a thousand times to see the changes I am making. 


I hope I was clear, let me know if I wasn't.


EDIT: any way to copy/paste chunks between files that actually works? I tried copy pasting but no numbers are changing, so I am copying the numbers manually from file to file, if there's an easier way please let me know.

EDIT2: I was able to find the identifiers, now I just need to know a way to copy chunks or variables between two files that's actually working.

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