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Fose is not working for Fallout 4

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My Fallout 4.exe is in drive C with updated FOSE, I have Fallout 3.exe in drive D with updated FOSE.  FOSE is not working for FO4 and getting note from Vortex telling me that FO4 needs to be in same drive as FO3 for FO4 to exist.  I do not understand this IF FOSE updated versions are in both games in both drives?  Steam has Fallout 4 under drive C, and has Fallout 3 under drive D, that is correct.  However Vortex has my Fallout 4 mods in drive D  and they all should be in drive C for fallout.exe, so how do we fix this?  Anyway, C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 is the correct path for Fallout 4, I have no idea how it is all messed up on your end?  Two different games under two different drives downloaded as such thru Steam.  



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FOSE is for Fallout 3, you need F4SE for Fallout 4.

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