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I am trying to fix an existing mod - Problem with game settings in CK

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I'm trying to fix this mod https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/15927 (silly physics)

it works for weapons bows/arrows/bolts

but it doesn't work for spells against humanoids, it only works against creatures for some odd reason. The issue is when I kill humanoids with spells, they just flop down and ragdoll with almost no force, but if i hit their corpse with a spell, it works for some reason

I checked in ck, to see what the mod is actually modifying


it's only modifying these game settings





I tried tweaking these individually up and down, it didn't change how npcs had no force when killed with a spell

I also tried changing projectile properties of spells, increasing their impact force, still the same, it increased the impact when it worked on corpses/creatures, but humanoids still flop down when killed with a spell


I'm thinking maybe I'm missing some obscure game setting? Some assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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