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I Really, Really Broke the Compass. Any Way to Fix It?

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In essence of what is currently happening, my compass is stuck flickering rapidly, not showing any locations or markers, and not changing its orientation from north. If it's not doing that, it's gone. That's the symptom. The cause is user error and admittedly, a judgement lapse. I should know better. I'm not asking for an explanation of why it happens, I'm moreso asking for "can I fix this?" Because on the surface, it looks permanently broken, but, I don't know. It's why I'm asking here.

The four mods in question in terms of what made this happen are Skills of the Wild, Helps to Have a Map - Worldspace Addons, Less Intrusive HUD II, and Immersive Hud. Each of these mods does something to the compass, mostly with regards to its visibility. SOTW locks the compass and features of the compass behind skill trees, but the mod page lists that if you would rather keep the compass without the skills, to toggle the compass back on in iHUD, which I did. HTHAP adds map and compass items to the game, need to have a map in your hand to use it, need to have a compass in your hand to display it. HTHAP and SOTW don't play super well together, but I didn't know that, and it seemed like SOTW with iHUD on overwrote HTHAP, which was fine! Really, what I wanted was to purchase a compass and then be able to toggle the compass on and off, even though having the compass in my inventory at all was not a prerequisite to having it display. I've been doing what HTHAP does for years in fact, just without an in-game implementation. To get around the complications and jank, I used Less Intrusive HUD II to move the compass off screen until I decided to use it (LSHII has also been oddly busted in my list, with the interface for moving things around not updating properly, but I could still move things around so I ignored it). In fact, I tested to make sure this exact setup worked earlier in my playthrough. When I did that, it was fine. Now, it's broken.

A major complication, and I admit, this was the stupidest thing I did even in spite of all the exploiting incompatibilities and jank here, was that I forgot to disable a mod for SOTW that replaces the .esp to not require iHUD. I mistakenly thought iHUD was crashing my game, it wasn't, and I completely forgot to disable that after turning it back on.

Did all the standard things; disabled key mods to see what happened, didn't really change much, started a new game, which on one occasion with most of the mods in question still on, had a completely functional compass which then went away after loading my current save then loading back into the new game, and then on another occasion with all of the mods disabled, just resulted in no compass whatsoever. This is the same effect that happens if I turn all the mods off and load my proper playthrough save.

Given the nature of what happens when I simply turn them all off, I'm GUESSING something is permanently broken, and I don't know what. I know you can corrupt Skyrim's assets in a freak accident even with MO2 in use, so my initial thought was a reinstall was in order, but not only did I not really want to do that, but I also remembered when the compass WAS working fine that one time, which implied it's NOT permanently broken, but instead something, somewhere else is. I'm at a loss. I've never seen anything like this happen before. If this is a reinstall situation, I'll try, I'm just not confident in it.

Although it did not seem to make a difference in my testing, here is my current load order and modlist:
LO: https://pastebin.com/xAYYRcRx
ML: https://pastebin.com/4LnMX2UF

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