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Awful Frame Pacing Issues

fps bug glitch help frames frame

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Hi all


I have all the FPS enhancing tools/mods on the Nexus. JIP, NVTF, NVHR, Stewie's, etc etc etc. As I am playing the game, usually after intense combat, the game becomes really stuttery. Not stutter y as in low FPS, stuttery as in "choppy". I had learned that this phenomenon is called "Frame Pacing" and I have not EVER seen anybody else talk about such an issue. It's always about having low FPS. not about having crappily paced FPS. I used NVDIA's Control Panel to lower the graphics, the issue persisted. I enabled VSYNC, Ultra Low Latency Mode, Triple Buffering. It seemed to work, I had a constant smooth 60 ish FPS up until after combat, at which point it all came back. Re-entering the game "reverted" the FPS pacing to normal. I used to use DXVK but even then it didn't work. I don't use it anymore due to using GSHADE. I had noticed the problems a long time ago, ever since I was level 10 in my playthrough. I did not add ANY texture mods/lighting mods/any other FPS heavy mod. I had checked multiple times that my load order doesn't ave issues or if it contains any problematic mods and I had found out that it didn't. The problem can occur not just after combat, but also if I am in an interior for example. I am playing with TTW so I have all of the appropriate INI tweaks.


My Specs:


16 GB Ram
4 Core
4GB VRam
Intel i7-3770K 3.50 GHz
60Hz Monitor
Win7 x64
465 GB SSD


If anybody technically savvy can help me in any way possible, it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.

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