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Open Letter to LetMeSoloHer from the Elden Ring Boss Arcade Project Team

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Greetings from the Lands Between!
An open letter to Let Me Solo Her.

As the infamy of Let Me Solo Her spreads throughout the community with people sharing their stories and experiences of this lovable sort that has spent countless hours helping players defeat Melania. In the last month I have seen everything from stories of people struggling, only to be liberated from the endless tedium of one shots and the endless grinding to craft consumables by this anonymous tarnished, who as far as I can tell, asks nothing in return and remains too humble to even reveal the man behind the pot.
Let Me Solo Her, we thank you.

You have showed us that Sir Gideon Onfir was wrong. A Tarnished can kill a God.

I found myself inspired so I began the Elden Ring Boss Project.
Currently in development, Boss Project is an Arcade style mod that will allow players to select any boss in the game and load up a character with their desired levels, any items or equipment in the game as well as additional resources and utilities with one goal in mind. Practice.

Let Us Solo Them!

The development team has already invested many hours in bringing this project to life that will allow convenience and customization to your boss soloing practice. We believe in Let Me Solo Her and now we turn to you. We aim to create a platform that will have you mastering your favorite boss fights in no time. Skyrim might belong to the Nords but the Lands Between will belong to us.

Won't the real Let Me Solo Her please stand up?

Let Me Solo Her, the team at Boss Project ask if you'll join us in this fight? We would love to collaborate with you, include you in the project and draw on your expertise to make Boss Project a platform that all players who aspire to conquer that one pesky boss they struggle with to enjoy and hone their skill.

We hope to hear from you but either way, we are inspired and we thank you.

Creating this Arcade style mod is a large under-taking and we are always looking for people to collaborate on creating something first and foremost for the enjoyment of the players and the community so if you are someone with skills in development, design or you feel you'd like to contribute in some other way. Please feel free to reach out to myself or another member of the team.

Elden Ring Boss Project: An arcade style launcher mod for Elden Ring, made by the community for the community.


John, Elden Ring Boss Project


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