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Nord hero Weapons retexture thats CC compatable

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there isnt that many good nord hero textures or replacers out there. Matter of fact iv only found 3. Runed nord hero weapons and one that makes them look abit basic. There was an old mod on steam that had nord hero weapons that where silver and ebony that look amazeing but was never ported to SSE. My idea was to take something close to the style of the steam mod "true nordic hero weapons" but change it up abit by adding some dragon bones and stalhrim. "like the nordic amullet" but with more black. I mean it makes sense because back then there were dragons about . So your telling me the ancient nords where smart enough to build a mechanical stargate door but NOT smart enough to use dragon bones to make their champions weapons stronger? ok bethesda... Same goes for nord hero armor but maybe make it with the male only style or atlest be compatable with practical female armors? I know im asking for alot here but Id be realy greatful for any attempt by a mod author. If you need pictures of the steam mod im referanceing I can provide them.


Tldr requests


1 Make dragonbone,ebony,stalhrim-ish nord hero weapons combineing the estetic of "true nord hero weapons" from steam the CC "nordic amulet" and dragonbone weapons

2 account for the new CC added weapons "Ancient nord warhamer, mace and dagger"

3 move the new weapons to dragon bone smithing


Gravy requests

i. make it patical female armors compatable

ii. Make the 1 handed sword match the great sword style "that aysemtrical blade makes me salty and idk why" 

iii. Matching armor set?

iiii. Make a replacer and a standalone version

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