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I can't run Project Enb

project enb climates of tamriel

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So a lot of people use Project ENB. This will have been my first time using any ENB. Basically it borks my game. I've installed Climates of Tamriel and have a few questions about that as well.


I see this when using/trying to use Project ENB.




W.T.F. My mansion just got a hella lot less pretty. I've tried using both the Injector Version and the Wrapper version. I already had a d3d9.dll in my Skyrim folder. I don't know which mod put it there. So I tried the Injector version. I've changed my .ini settings, I've followed Gopher's instructions, all that jazz. So what's the problem? When I start up the game I not only experience that ^ but lag. Lot's of lag. More lag then I think any ENB should ever cause. I'm doing my best to understand all the tech speak I'm reading off forums and it's all just not working out. I fear I've downright broken my game. So basically:


1. What do I do to fix this? I would really like to run this ENB and I have no clue what I could've done wrong.

2. Is there anyway to find out where my d3d9.dll came from in the first place?

3. Is CoT working? It sounds stupid but I can't tell. They say to wait 24 in game hours. Will the new weather and what not appear by simply playing for 24 in game hours?


Any help would be amazing. I'm seriously scared I'll have to redo everything. I'll do my best to give as many details as possible, but easy with the tech talk. I've been trying to "pretty up" my game and... I've been messing up immensely. (Ha, never gonna try to change uGrids again O__O) Please, please help.




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I just had this problem as well. Some help would be seriously appreciated. Hopefully this bumps the thread.



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You need to disable anti-aliasing in Skyrim if you're using newer enbs. And you should replace the d3d9.dll file.



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enb's are just graphical enhancement, if you del all file from your folder,it will be like it was before, nothing compare to a scripted mod for ex.^^


then i'm using Project as well and because of CoT, it 's one of the best even the best Enb for it.


1/ you must install the wrapper version (from Enbdev.com) you will have the both version, just copy/past the d3d9.dll in your main file, where Tesv is located

2/choose from project Enb which setting you want to use


fantasy etc...

in each file there is other files with the settings

1/merge the data one with yours

2/put all .esp if any in the data file

then, (for ex. Cinematic) open the Cinematic main file and copy/paste every thing in your main folder where's Tesv

open optional effect and choose one, or none

open performance option, choose the best one for your spec, SSAO and DoF are really taxing on low/mid end rig and copy past to your main file


setup your ini"s as explain by Bronze, you're done, then launch the game and enjoy


CoT is almost plug and play, just wait 24 hours ig, it takes few minutes and ...enjoy :smile:



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