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OVERDUE MOD: Power Armor Required: make certain weapons usable only when IN/OUT of Power Armor

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I want a gameplay mechanic mod that is sorely overdue: restricting the use of certain weapons whether you're in or out of power armor.


Weapons that you could only use while in power armor would obviously be heavy weaponry: minigun, Gatling laser, broadsider, etc. (Missile launcher would have to be the exception). This would also include the "assault rifle" , since it was created for the purpose of being a weapon solely used with power armor, but that idea was scrapped.


The concept of other weapons (specifically pistol-and-rifle-sized firearms) not usable while IN power armor would also apply, since power armor fingers would be too big to access the trigger. Laser/Plasma weapons might be exempt from this, but you'd just have to shrink the viewmodels down while in power armor so it doesn't look weird. 


This could be applied to weapons by either their weight, if they're over 25 wg, or weapon class (if the latter even exists in the game's code). It could also just be a simple checkmark system; anything that could be applied to modded weapons. And maybe extend this idea to small and large melee weapons, idk.


This is optional, but you could make the Gatling laser equipable . It just needs to inflict more recoil. As for making small arms equipable, I'd add a weapon attachment that removes the trigger guard, but it's preferable to have that coincide with another mod idea I have, which is essentially a more in-depth version of durability. Although that might suit Hardcore playthroughs more than normal ones.


This idea has been overdue for a LONG while, and imo it should have been a mechanic in the game to begin with.

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