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QuestVMVariables and Stage Logs

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been awhile since I've needed to post but I'm desperate lol.


So quest stages can fire one of several possible logs/fragments depending on conditions and it evaluates from the top of the stack down until one passes the condition check.


I have QuestVMVariables set as conditions but the quest stage log variants do not seem to be actually recognizing them at all. They will pass as true no matter the QuestVM value. The variables are properly assigned as flagged as conditional, but no dice. Oddly as well, it seem that the log stack is processing EACH variant rather than the first that passes. I set up debug lines in each variant and all that pass fire. Any ideas why the QuestVM can't be read by the quest stage log conditions? Did I just stumble on a random "cuz reasons" CK quirk? I've used these variables before in dialogue with no problems, but this is vexing. Thanks.


EDIT UPDATE: Figured it out. Didn't realize that log entry stacks process ALL entries rather than just the first one that passes. As far as the QuestVMVariable I just goofed and had another plugin overriding some things I was working on in the newer patch, so that's why it didn't seem to be respecting the conditions, they were being overwritten

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