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Master Level Goodies

skill experience weapons armor enchantments active effects legendary level 100 bonus quest

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Ok this was a thought I came across, with the whole mage part of the game once your spell skills get to Master level you can do quests to obtain the Master Spells from the Master Trainer.  Now why is the spell group the only one to get master level power? Like each skill should have its own Master level bonus. Here is some examples:

-Alchemy: Once you hit Level 100 in it you can get a stronger potion of your choice for the White Phile.

---OR Get a set of Secret Recipies to make more powerfull potions.

-Enchanting: If possible, make the Azura's Star or Black Star be able to hold multiple souls.

---OR Get an Active Effect or Special Gear which can make more powerful enchantments

-Smithing: Ability to Recycle gear into components

---OR Ability to make other objects(Lockpicks, pickaxes, axes, circlets, bags, horse gear)

-One-Handed/Two-Handed/Archery: Get a choice of powerful weapons of legend.

---OR Get an Active Effect which speeds up your attack movement

-Armor Skills: Get a set of powerful, epic looking armor of that type

---OR ummm.... Idk for a second idea here lol. (insert your own :tongue:)

-Block: Get a Shield which is as deadly as a weapon

---OR Ability to reflect some damage back

-Lockpicking: Gain Special ability or Item to Break Locks

---OR Special Item that lets you tresspass without it being a crime

-Speech: Ability to trade with non-merchant characters

---OR Ability to Convince a character to Join you or an enemy to stand down

-Pickpocket: Item that lets you pickpocket without getting in trouble if caught

---OR Item that keeps you invisible while pickpocketing

-Sneak: Item that lets you kill an enemy without alerting another close-by enemy

---OR Ability to have your follower as good at sneaking as you(LOL)


(These are just ideas for now not set in stone)

Plus maybe some kind of extra for each time you go Legendary with an ability.The idea is to make the game even more playable and more of a reason to hit High Levels. Hopefully the system can be set up to work as quests like the Magic Rituals for the Master Spells.


This is a Challenge that I want to find the proper Modder for.  So it would be best for it to be a modder who has experience in Quests, NCP tweaks, Weapon/Armor Design, Active effects/Enchantments, Recipie editing and whatever else would be needed to make the mod work properly. I can discuss the ideas further and help with the creative process.


Any volunteers or suggested modders are welcome. Just post bellow. Thanks.

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