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[Request] Fallout 4 Weapon & Armour Upgrade Overhaul

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As it currently stands, weapons and armour contain a single upgrade per category, this allows for some balance by means of categoric restrictions, but I don't believe this is the best method for balancing the player's experience; for instance, the player can either add a lighter build, pocketed, or dense for their leather chest piece, but cannot have all three, this is technically balanced, but I believe it's far too restrictive.


Instead, I think it would be better if the upgrade system used a point mechanic, in that weapons and armour would have a quantity of slots assigned to them based on their type, and the upgrades will cost points depending on their level (The materials used to upgrade will still be required though), for example: (Assuming a leather chest piece has 5 upgrade slots) Pocketed and lighter build may cost 1 point each, which will leave 3 upgrade slots open, but dense (being a higher tier upgrade) may cost 4 points, as a consequence, it cannot be added alongside pocketed and lighter build together, the player would have to give one up to add the "dense" upgrade.


The number of upgrade slots, as mentioned, would rely on the type of item, since leather armour doesn't afford as much protection as its metal counterparts, it would contain a greater quantity of upgrade slots, but don't you worry metal armour lovers, more upgrade slots are added based on the level of your armourer skill, the additional amount will depend on the tier you're upgrading to, the first star will give you 1 additional upgrade slot, the second will give you 2, and so on; this applies to all armour.


Now weapons aren't sorted based on their materials, so instead they can be categorised into: Primary, secondary, heavy, and special.

Primary would consist of rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, etc...

Secondary would consist of: Pistols, revolvers, energy pistols, etc...

Heavy would consist of: Miniguns, missile launchers, fat man launcher, etc...

And special would consist of: Syringer, junk jet, etc...


The same mechanics would work for weapons as well; secondaries, being the smaller weapons commonly used as a backup to quickly switch to, would be afforded the most upgrade slots among all of the weapons types, and for the heavy weapon users, again, more upgrade slots can be added by upgrading your "gun nut" perk.


The idea behind this overhaul is to maintain a level of balance while allowing the player more freedom in their choices; if you want to increase your damage at the cost of range and reload, and then add another upgrade to increase your reload, you can absolutely do that, but your range may suffer if you can't afford the slots to improve upon it.


Now there may be some combinations that fundamentally counteract each other, but the important thing is getting the system in place first, and finetuning it afterwards... Baby steps.


Thank you.

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