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Damage Mods?

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A bit of a pet peeve of mine is FNV's damage application in combat. I am currently playing with BLEEDLESS and I would like to quickly skim over as to why. Without BLEED (or its derivatives,) enemies feel extremely spongy (as am I.) BLEED fixes it by making combat very deadly (it's main focus, duh.) Problem is, now it feels like everyone is a one-shot machine (me too.) The DOT effects just added salt to injury as I had to make 10 saves every second or so or else I would die and need 100 stimpaks. Sometimes, there are enemies (in my case Talon Company Mercs and Super Mutants since I am using TTW) who have ungodly amounts of DT and I can't kill them but they can kill me unless I bring twice as many stimpaks. After trying the other BLEED derivatives, the issues still remain: I am too weak and specific types of enemies that appear into the mid-late game are unfairly strong. Due to this, are there any balanced and not over-the-top damage mods that are not as extreme as BLEED?


Note: I did try BLEEDLESS's Better Damage Multipliers but it's still not completely satisfactory.



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I'm interested in this as well except I'd like it for F3. I'd like for it to just double the damage of all vanilla weapons in the game (including unarmed damage of creatures) since some enemies feel like they have stupid high health. I don't mind making the mod myself someday so I can replay f3 and see how it works. I made one mod that lowered the health of DLC creatures with stupid high health and it helped make the game much more enjoyable. Just reminded myself, I should publish that sometime 😬

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