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Seasons on Skyrim. Not always winter PLS

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How do you know it's not summer there already? Skyrim is in the far north of Tamriel, and still the north of Nirn. It's supposed to be a very cold place, even from the very early canon days it was always remarked as cold and dreary. Some people theorize Akavir must be warmer or on similar latitude as Skyrim, by way of sailing between the two you go across the northern pole of Nirn. 


I don't ever think the snows should melt in Dawnstar or Winterhold, for example.These are mountainous areas or plateaus in extremely high latitudes. Look at mountains in lower latitudes -- there are mountain ranges and plateaus in Afghanistan (which isn't that far north on Earth) where the snow never melts ever.


Skyrim has snow. To me, asking there to be seasons with a change to it all, is like asking it to snow in the deserts and jungles of Elsewyr or something... Cyrodiil has the temperate climate. Not Skyrim.



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Then why not make it so during winter, ALL of skyrim has some amount of snow on the surface and the trees?  Also in winter, every tree except for pine trees should lose their leaves, yet this does not happen.  This would imply that skyrim was in an infinite summer, since the climate is static throughout the year.


Yes, Skyrim is meant to be cold, but to stay at the same temperature all year?  That makes no sense.  I assume you mean height when you say latitude.  If you go based off of height, it would make sense that dawnstar, Windhelm, and Winterhold are always snowy, but then that wouldn't make much sense in regards to Solitude.  Its height is higher than that of Dawnstar and around the same latitude, yet it see's absolutely no snow whatsoever.  So that in itself is illogical and you shouldn't be able to make a conclusion based off that. 


There are many inconsistencies. However, this idea is a good one, how it is implemented is yet to be fathomed.

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