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Requesting settlement stuff for raider play through

gameplay immersion settlements

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I'm after some stuff to make my xbox raider playthrough better and more immersive.

In the vanilla game, the only things that differentiate a raider settlement from a normal settlement are a few small cages and some metal spikes, some of which have bodies on them. There's not a great deal of mods out there for xbox which add anything for raiders, even with mods such as Unlocked Settlement Objects.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could create some stuff to make Raider settlements more immersive and have better aesthetics.

The sort of things I'm talking about are:

Paintings / posters, wall decorations, and foor decorations, to give raider settlements that raider aesthetic.

Idle interactive settlement objects, that raiders will use when not raiding, cause let's face it, they ain't going to have jobs.

Pool tables, bar items, target ranges, punch bags and weight training sets, to keep the raiders entertained when not raiding.

prison and interrogation / torture decorations and holding cells, again for the raider aesthetics.

Assignable animated prisoner and interrogation / torture furniture, to go along with the decorations, so Raiders can extract information form their newly captured wastelanders and to simply torment and humiliate them, and entertain your raiders when they're not out raiding.

drug dens, for raiders to chill out in after a hard day's raiding,

bbq's made out of half an oil drum, just because they look bad ass,

Etc, etc

Think of how vikings would celebrate and party after a raid, and the sort of stuff raider types would have in a lawless dystpoian future.

Thanks for your time.

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