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New Settlement Power Triggering Devices

settlement devices trigger power spotlight pitching machine trap

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If possible, modify the force that the baseball pitching machine throws objects? Or add dplicate into new machine. I'd like to be able to use it to trigger the firing target toggle switch easier, currently it doesn't throw very far at all. The player can throw a grenade much much further yet the pitching machine will barely throw a baseball. So to be useful you need to lift the machine 3-4 stories higher for very minimal gains in distance. It will throw accurately to the same spot at least.


Also if possible the vanilla enemy spotlight SpotLightDetect01 [ACTI:0009F983] is destructible and drops a Lights\SpotLightDetect01\SpotLightDetectBreak01.nif on death that has gravity physics. This would be great to trigger the basketball hoop switch when shot by enemies. The vanilla turret spotlight & the DLC wall spotlight don't leave a destructible object on death so they can't be used in such manner.


I tried adding the destruction to the wall spotlight, and while it works it has no physics it just replaces the whole wall spotlight on death. It won't drop the destroyed object which would trigger the hoop switch. And I am guessing that is because it's a settlement placed object that is a turret and not a activator IDK.


The pitching machine changes would allow for a pulse controlled form of wireless transmission that can be isolated. This doesn't exist there is a mod that gives wireless transmission but it can't be isolated. The vanilla pitching machine has very limited use because of it's range other than to toss a grenade. The Spotlight would add another way to trigger traps other than the laser tripwire & and pressure plates.

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