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Have Spaceship, MUST walk? Vehicles?

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Hello!  :smile:

This might be very premature, but, something I notice in early trailer and interviews is that landing is scripted, have the strong feeling we can't fly our spaceship ON a planet to cut down on walk time, and if there's something interesting on your compass marked 10 miles away that you don't want to walk, you have to get in your spaceship, fly all the way back out into space with all the cutscene loading screen nonsense, pick your new landing spot right next to the one you had before, and go through the whole landing load screen, cut scene cinematic nonsense.  
I could be wrong, and this might not be the case.  We might be able to fly spaceship on planet ... but, The Todd seems to say that they didn't think that was important ... and, I don't see any hints of alternatives for faster travel than walking on a planet in any of the concept art, or trailer.  It seems a little suspicious that IF vehicles for faster travel on a planet would be a thing, they might have at least hinted at it.

Seamless transition of spaceship flight from orbit to planet, and flying spaceship on planet might not be doable, but, perhaps, as something to think about, adding vehicles to game might be a solution.
This could be realized in a lore-friendly way by having a vehicle hanger module that can be purchased for spaceship.  
Starter spaceship seems to have narrow exit ramp, but, in at least one trailer scene, another ship can be seen with a wider exit ramp.  
This could possibly be a hint at vehicles in game, or not.  
If not, then, a vehicle hanger pod that can be purchased and added to spaceship with wider exit ramp might be a solution ... or, perhaps, it's something that's mouted on a rack on the outside of the spaceship?   
As to vehicle design, and perhaps variety, I'm not an artist, and certainly not a 3D model artist.  
It would, however, be nice to have something that's faster than walking, perhaps that can fly at least a little higher than tree-top level.  
A small flying vehicle might be an easier trick to pull off than all the fun that might come with an off-road ground vehicle with wheels, suspension and other complications ... but, that's up to whatever superhero modder or modding team likes this idea and does something.  

Whatever the case, adding vehicles for more rapid travel than having to walk because spaceships are useless on a planet I sguess, might be a nice addition ... IF I'm not just being stupid and vehicles are actually already in the game vanilla.  
We did have the vertibird in Fallout 4, and Horses in Skyrim, so, it would be silly not to have a spaceship, but, be forced to WALK everywhere in Starfield ... so, just because we haven't seen it, doesn't mean it isn't happening, and, I'm more than happy to be wrong.  :)
It does, however, seem odd they haven't even been hinted at.  
i get that when you start the game you're a space peasant and probably can't afford some wheels or even a couple jetpacks duct-taped to a bicycle frame, but, eventually you become Baller Bougie Space GOAT (God Of All Things), and can probably pull enough scratch to park your Space Hummer in it's own little special hanger pod in your space ship, so ya don't have to walk like a peasant all the time.  


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