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Request: New Gear addon

mod request gear

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Chthonic Bangle - A bangle which maxes MP out at 9,999 and provides over 50,000 defense and magical defense and has the maximum connected slots for materia.

Description: "An bangle draped in shadow, said to be blessed by the Gods of Hades." 




Ambrosia - An equipable bottle that looks like vitalabrew that raises HP by 9,999 and MP by 9,999

Description: "An bottle of the finest tasting drink not only in midgar, but the collective known universe." 


Hogyoku Enfeeblement Ring - Looks like a red variant of the mako crystal, increases HP and MP by 9,999, and attack, defense, magic defense, strength, magic, vitality, spirit, and luck by 30,000, side effect: turns user into a frog. 


Magicka-yoku Looks like the Materia Crystal, provides +9,999 HP and +9,999 MP. 


Hermes-yoku - Looks like a yellow materia crystal, provides +9,999 HP, +9,999 MP, and +525 to speed

Description: "An materia infused with the boon of the Messenger Of Haste itself"  


Defensive-yoku: Looks like a deep blue materia crystal. +9,999 HP, +9,999 MP, and increases defense, magic defense, vitality, spirit, and luck by 30,000, and speed by +250. 

"Materia infused with the best defensive and evasive capabilities"

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