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Thieves Guild's vault

thieves guild restore vault

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Well, I just finished the thieves guild quest one more time and as always I wonder...is it so difficult to close those damn chests or fill it with trasure?

I was thinking it would be greate to have a vault filled with gold and gems after the guild it's back on it's feet (I mean after you become the new guild master). 
I think that the most lore-friendly way to fix this would be just to lock the vault's door permanently right after you become the master. As it was meant to be.
Another idea that crossed my mind was to lock the door with a specific key you find on your desk, when you open the doors the chests are bursting with treasure and gems. Maybe the amount of gold and gems could increase in time. Of course I don't want a room like the Scrooge McDuck's vault (that would be as lore-killing as the empty vault), but just filled up chests and stolen goods here and there.
Just a graphic mod then, you can't take the gold or whatever inside the room (we don't want to be the new Mercer Frey, do we?). But it would enhance the lore so much! ...or at least I think so. What do you think? Is there anybody feeling the same as I do?
Id really appreciate this work, I hope you do so too.


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