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[Mod Request?] Unlimited "grenade charge"-like abilities

mass effect 3 le squadmate

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So there are some powers in ME3(LE) that work off charges rather than cooldowns, namely Stim Pack and an ungodly amount of grenade variants which supposedly all fit in the "grenade charge" category. I've put the question mark in the title cause I'm not 100% sure if it's been made a thing yet, but is there a way to just crank out 80+ of those per mission for squadmates in particular? It's seriously more tedious than a "gameplay element" imo. With Shepard you can just use the trilogy save editor, but it doesn't carry over to squadmates. I scoured the interwebs to find any kind of solution that just requires a simple file edit or console command, but I haven't come across such a thing so far. 

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