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Dev Kit? Ways to better mod this game?

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I have had some fun tinkering with the game files, but man, what a bummer its so difficult to mod & make sharable mods for this  game, DmC is a one of a kind, the other devil may cry games are nothing like it, and since MS bought out the dev with exclusive rights it may never get a sequel as had been planned. :sad:


I see other games with the same Ue3 build (Xcom as example) got a dev kit from game maker, and some other games, modders seemed to have built their own, lucky them! Maybe we can try & get a dev kit released? Maybe we can make our own? Or maybe nothing at all. lol


Its not all that useful bringing game files into Ue3 since we have none of the source files to cook again with, even the amazing cut scenes only has data for lighting, nothing else, Ive dug all through the source files using various tools, a lot is missing making most of my mod ideas impossible with current tools. :wallbash:


For now, I gave up modding and just ripped out Dante's mesh/texture/rig, & got him nicely into Blender. Id love to be able to make mods to share here, but its a PITA and not very sharable either, being how game files have to be hacked & hex edited & other pains. 


So I guess for now I will just have to bring Dante into Ue5 & have my own fun alone there & in Blender, obviously we cant properly share it here unless its a mod for the original game.


I will post back here if I figure anything out in my spare time, or find someone else who has.


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