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Dialogue Trainers Quest CK Crash? Repairable?

dialogue quests crash cant open esp

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We (two of us) recently tried to build our second Master Trainer, following the Wiki, but we crashed the CK and now can no longer set the .ESP as active.  


When we built our first Master Trainer, we missed the WIKI directions about deleting the original dialogue line in the CK-Mod Details window, after making our duplicate dialogue with existing voice, and our NPC worked fine on our system.  




But, while building this second trainer, we saved our ESP, opened the CK, and deleted the original dialogue in the CK details window, but we missed whether our .ESP had to be set as "active" or not, as that was not mentioned on the Wiki. 

WE think we goofed now, by not setting our ESP as active before deleting the original dialogue line. 


The Wiki simply noted we had to delete the original dialogue line.  When we next tried to open and set our ESP as active the CK crashed and now will not open our ESP.  


We also spotted a message asking us if we wanted to load all scripts from the Scripts-Zip file.  ??


Please help, if you can as we would like to understand where we went wrong, and if our ESP is recoverable, from any gurus or experts on the CK out there.





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This is NOT my strong point, so take this with a grain of salt.


Re: the 7z file.  If I recall correctly, that comes with the creation kit when you download and install it.  It will ask if you want to unpack them, for use in modding.  I don't do scripting at all, so I don't unpack them anymore, and I have no issues with it.  Back when I used to unpack them, I still didn't do scripts, but they just sit in the scripts folder.  For me, it made it easier not to have to sort through a ton of vanilla scripts when I wanted to uninstall or update a script mod.  If you plan to use scripts in your modding, you will definitely want to unpack it.


For the .esp, if it wasn't set as active, nothing should have been saved to it.  My guess is the original line is still there.  If the CK is crashing, I would suggest reinstalling it, which will give you the opportunity to let it unpack the 7z if you so choose.  Then, I might try to open the .esp in xedit, and see if I could delete the line there. Also take the opportunity to check for errors and clean the mod.  Then try reopening it in the newly-installed CK.  Again, I'm not strong in this stuff, so it may or may not work, but xedit is a pretty amazing tool for things like this.




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Thank you @thumbincubation.  It turns out our Scripts are fine,  but anyway:


If people are reading this, over our shoulders, we finally solved this first part.  (We still ran into a SECOND PROBLEM about getting our new Trainer to talk, due to our not resolving an ambiguity in the Wiki tutorial.)


1) We started from scratch, again, and this time we  deleted our flawed .ESP so we could start over but keep the same name for it.


2) We built a new one, and each time we made essential progress, we copied our ESP to an external folder on our PC, so we could delete any "broken" .ESP we might next make, and then we could reload the earlier one we know still "worked."


3) When we got to the Wiki advice about deleting the original dialogue line, before doing it, we made sure our ESP was set to "active," though to do so wasn't specified directly in the Wiki.  And we had NO Creation Kit Crash and loss of link to the Scripts. Yay!




A. The Wiki teaches to make a new prefix for our new Trainer's TIF dialogue lines.  But in doing so, the new Quest now points to our character's dialogue with our new prefix. Since we were relying on an existing voice that says our lines, we didn't think we'd have an issue, but in game, our new Trainer can't speak, while also the option to ask for training is now greyed out.  Ouch!  


B.  We were able to do a "workaround," but it may make our Mod undesirable if we publish it? 


C.  We simply redirected the CK's existing TIF file, associated with the original Skyrim NPC Trainer we modeled, and set it to our character.  Then, we assigned our new prefix-line dialogue line to the original Skyrim NPC Trainer which we were modeling.


D. In game, our Trainer finally spoke, and the request was not greyed out.                       But we're guessing that the original NPC Trainer in-game, will likely now NOT work?




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