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Can I turn this retexture mod into a preset?

help preset custom follower mod

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Hey folks, new to modding here!
Like. Extremely new. As in, just installed the SE Creation Kit yesterday new.
That said, my understanding of how things work in regards to modding, models, presets, etc is limited but I understand the absolute basics just through my fruitless efforts.

I found a replacer for Gelebor (the snow elf from Dawnguard) called (ESL)Snow Elf Knight-Paladin Gelebor Replacer created by tatururutia. I installed it, works like a charm! Gelebor is suitably pretty!

However, my intention was not to use this to have a pretty snow elf follower- rather, to turn that newly retextured follower into a preset, which I could then apply to a new character to look that specific way, and then turn that new character into a different CUSTOM follower with custom dialogue, voice acting, backstory, and rp elements and then let Gelebor go back to his cave-dwelling appearance.

I've tried everything I can think to turn Gelebor into a preset- using Alternate Actors to try to body snatch him (the power did not work on Gelebor at all but DID work on Serana so I know it was functioning properly), taking the .nif from the retexture mod, adding it to CharGen and applying it via RaceMenu (didn't work because Snow Elf is not a playable race so it wouldn't apply), tried to circumvent that by installing a mod to add a Snow Elf race- but that didn't work either and my understanding is it's because I'm trying to become Gelebor specifically.

I'm not sure where to go from here or what to try, so if anyone has any tips, suggestions, or a surefire answer (whether it even be a "no, that's not possible" so I can cut my losses and quit trying) I would really appreciate it!

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