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Using mods on PS5

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I play on PS5 so I’m limited. Would creation club purchases even help me out with anything? I really only want to build to my hearts content across the world of FO4. Maybe add a zombie apocalypse when I’m done. So I’m looking a mod or mods (that work together) to allow the following. 

-increase sky ceiling

-build anywhere

-ability to trash anything

-use any building material in the game

-no weight limit

-always clear weather

-infinite resources

-unlock all decorations for building

-better looking and more unique settlers

-ability to start wars/invasions



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Merricles, heya.

I used to play the game on ps4.  Trust me, you want to avoid Creation Club (CC) on the consoles.  Dunno about ps5 but 4 had a hard mod limit of 100.  That sounds high, but it's not.  And way too many of the CC stuff has scripts.  Those scripts get orphaned when you deactivate or remove the mod that they were installed by, which ends up with you having a corrupted save game file.

I dunno of ps 4 and 5 use the same mods or not.  I would think that they do.  But the vast majority of the mods that you're talking about, I'd had in my games, from bethesda.net which is where the deck will go for mods.  It's the only source for FO4 mods on console.


their search engine is clunky, but you can find them after digging for a while.  TBH, if possible, I used to search the site from my laptop to find the names of the mods, and then DL them thru the console.


also, sorry if I don't respond back.  I dont habit the forums as much as I used to, and hardly ever come to This part of the site.

But I hope that this helps ;)

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