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Having a lot of problems with making a simple quest

quest modding skyrim special edition

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Hi everyone, I just recently joined in hopes that I could get some help trying to figure out how to get my quest mod working correctly.


I've messed around with creation kit before but I decided I really wanted to make my own storyline quest. Nothing super complicated, just a pretty standard fetch quest, but I am struggling a ton trying to get everything working as it feels like randomly things decide to work or not.


At the moment I am simply trying to have the quest work up to this point: The player reads a note and the quest starts. The player can then talk to either Olfina or Jon in Whiterun. My problems have been the following:


The note would never start the quest. I only managed to fix this by duplicating a book that already would start a quest in vanilla and then swap it to my quest. Then it worked. But right now my problem is only Olfina is able to talk after reading the note. She is also the only one who gets an objective marker. Jon will have no objective or will he be given quest dialogue despite being set up the same way.


When I use sqv it tells me that for whatever reason, Jon's alias is empty. I have no idea why this is or how to fix it as I have been searching everywhere. The best result I have sort of found has something to do with setting the actor to Persist Location but every link I find posted to how to do this is a dead link.


I feel a big problem is also the fact so many of the tutorials I am viewing are very very old. At one point Olfina wouldn't talk because I did not know about needing to generate seq files. (But then again, I tried restarting the quest from scratch and now Olfina won't talk either, but she does get the objective, even though I have tripled checked so many times now.)


Just been a bit of a mess. Seems like one thing fixed then another thing that was working breaks. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.


(Having a bit of trouble attaching a screenshot, but this is what it says with sqv)


Alias_JonBattleBorn_var = ,nullptr alias> (2) on <nullptr quest> (09000D62)

REF 'JonBattleBorn'-> NONE


While Olfina's is:


Alias_OlfinaGrayMane_var = alias OlfinaGrayMane on quest OlfinaJonQuest (09000D62)

REF 'OlfinaGrayMane'-> " (0001A685)





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