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borderlands 2

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Q1. so im new to modding all the mods work fine but here is the problem everytime i quit and reload i get a baby maker, bee shield mongrel, and an ogre to my inventory only just noticed this because i was farming for the dpuh here are the mods i got currently installed via the blcmm there also located in the binaries mods are in the order i have them on blcmm?
1 comnunity patch 5.04
2 item part notifier activated the gun option
3 rarity color fix
4 optional objectives
5 loot midget world only place i dissabled was sanctuary
6 mission timer remover
7 better vendors
Q2 is there a way to stop blcmm making logs everytime you open it up?
Q3 do i need to do the exec patch.txt everytime to activate the mods? ANSWERED

any help on these 3 questions will be very helpful like i say im new to this i have messed with mods before but it was skyrim and the old nexus mod manager did all the hard work lol

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