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Sif and Alvina Textures finding

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Hey guys, I've been messing around with texture dumping for awhile now, and I've decided to stop practicing and actually try to change up some textures. I wanted to start with Alvina and Sif,

since i'm currently in the Forest covenant with my new toon. Finding their textures wasn't so hard actually. it's very easy to identity her face and Sif's. However it is not their base textures

i'm having problems with getting, it's their-what I ike to call- blur-fur texture that are giving me lip. After going through almost all the possible TGA's I could think of that could be this overlay

of what seems to be poorly low-res digi-fur, I given up for now and focused on Sif- though his bur-fur suffers the same issue of invisibility-. There are actually textures under all that eyesore,

and I can't even texture mod them properly because the fur is literally covering about 94% of both their bodies. I've come to the conclusion that Alvina's is different from Sif's though, because

he has slight touches of brown in his fur, where Alvina does not. However, there are grey fog gates, grey sif texts, hair from armor, Gwyn, etc.


So I ask simply can anyone help me check which textures this thing could be? so I can get either modding them to be a better resolution or just make them transparent to see how the base

textures flow without it. if she was a bit specific on color anywhere it would be easy to identify it.





I need help finding Alvina's fur textures. Not her actual base texts, UV maps, or Normal Maps. Just that stuff that looks like layers of floating hair.

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has anyone responded at all? i have the same issues with his blurfur.




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I'm currently in a rush to mod all the bosses textures, but I'm not there yet. If no one find it until I get there, I'll sure post the relevant file names here.


Best of luck!




Found them!




Basic tex: 6ab90aaf.tga

fur tex: a9382411.tga



Basic tex: d303d3f1.tga

fur tex: b704d820.tga


Maybe OP will never see it, but hopefully someone will! There's probably a better way to go through the tex files. If not, is a good opportunity for tool builders.

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