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Request: Generations mod + Animal

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Imagine combining both the grow up mod and the fertility mod.

I like these two mods the best because i can experience a sim like game play whilst enjoying Skyrim as an rpg. Except i don't think they're compatible with each other and i would like to add that the grow up mod only affects the player, which kinda destroys immersion. On the other hand the fertility mod doesn't allow npc children to grow up because they were created by an npc couple and the only way they could is if the player was the father. 

I think what i'm requesting is a mod that can make both of these other mods compatible with each other but also add growing up to NPCs and their children. I would like that there would be a continuous cycle of growing up, reproducing and dying. I think it would be interesting for the player to also grow up and 'reincarnate' or play as their child of choice. 

I also have another idea along the lines of generation, not sure if i should make a new topic but it also adds the generational aspect to animals like the deer, birds, fish, pigs, cows, wolves, rabbits, Horses, other hostile creatures, etc. It would be interesting to see more baby animals being produced, different coat colors for horses/dogs/cats/etc and to be able to tame wild animals and breed them to increase speed, stamina, strength, how much meat is produced, etc. 

I know i'm asking for a lot but i have so many suggestions but no skill to actually create a mod. I just see potential and this could be a really cool but also very hard thing to make. If i knew how to program and make mods i would do it myself, but i don't and that's why i'm posting this here. 




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I've thought about this - but the problem is the world won't grow up with you. Whatever quest(s) you are on stay exactly where you left off, whatever quests you haven't started will be exactly the same and involve exactly the same NPCs no matter what 'generation' you are. I could see something like 'Configurable Real Names' being used to rename npcs, but it would be on a massive scale (nearly every npc in the game would need to be renamed?) and that doesn't fix the problem with them LOOKING exactly the same as before. NPCs would need to age somehow and change appearance, the kids in skyrim would all need to grow into actual adult npcs...and somehow the quests would need to continue working. Maybe the kids of NPCs could 'inherit' the quests somehow(?) but what about quest-givers who don't have kids? Something would need to be done about the quest system if an aging system is ever seriously brought to skyrim. Maybe it could begin after the main quest is completed? There could be a warning box that pops up - asking if you're ready to "age the world" (meaning you don't care about any current quests and that way they could all be disabled somehow?). Maybe new quests could be generated for the 'next generation'? This is all just rambling....but someone feel free to use any of this if you would like to.

I'm not at all saying this is impossible - it very well could be. It's just the amount of headache required to get it working would be intense lol. 

Configurable Real Names: https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/17827

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