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Custom Companions


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Why do we never see any new custom companions on the  fallout 4 nexus, I see cool presets for download, or really cool characters that are created under the media tab. so why is we never have any cool characters to take along our journey? Even if they are a blank slate with reused assets or voice lines it would be cool just to have some new characters to look at. 


I know Skyrim has new ones everyday even FNV has a lot in the day.




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Because players will not accept anything without voice, affinity and romance. Affinity and romance are apparently not easy to make and VAs are co$tly.



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Romance is highly overrated in this game.  Bioware, now There's a company that knows how to add romance to companions.  Eh, they do a much better job with followers, in most every aspect.   Just my opinion.


I'm saying this in a friendly way, so don't take offense.  But from a modder's standpoint, comparing Skyrim to Fallout as far as some kinds of mods go, is totally apples to oranges.  They're not the same game.  They're not even the same variation of the game engine.  So while some things, people who have made mods for Skyrim, some of that does still work.  And some of it doesn't, for FO4.

Companions are complicated.  And require proper scripting.  It's really simple and easy to create a preset.  As the staff says "It's all sliders".  The average joe however, cannot create scripts, compile them, and then figure out what is wrong with them, when they don't work.

Lets also add in that certain parts of the creation process for Companions, requires the Creation Kit.   THAT software is NOT newb friendly!!  I've tried it on numerous occasions, and it pops up enough windows to take up the entire real estate of my laptop's monitor, and it's NOT intuitive, for me to figure out how to get the windows that I NEED, to open up!

And I'm in IT!


Presets, very basic, very easy to learn to use tools.


I do agree tho.  I wish that there were more mod added companions.  Especially ones that don't require some big huge quest mod that I probly won't want to play through every time that I make a new character.   I've had lots of ideas for ones that I would love to make myself.

But again, tools that are over my head. :(

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