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Baby Battanians in 1.6.0

babies bannerlord battanians glitch

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Okay so i recently came back to bannerlord after a year. i was playing with 1.6.0 but left because i felt the mods weren't getting any better and hoped if i left the game it would be updated to be fun. i played 1.7 whatever and didn't care for anything they added so i downloaded 1.6.0.


now all of the battanian troops are babies. 

at first i thought it might have been me messing with the my little warband rules but when i stripped the mods out with a new vortex profile the battanians are all still babies.


so first i verified the local files, they reinstalled a couple files, still babies.


i read that if you uninstall the game it fixes baby soldiers, i do so, still babies.


the only thing that fixes it is launching the game from steam.


so i thought maybe its like a bethesda game and i have to launch it naturally once to make the mods function.


still babies with vortex.


so i delete the steam localapps folder and reinstall again, babies, still babies.


even with no mods in Vortex always produces babies since i updated to the most recent version. is there a fix?


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