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Enhanced Character Editor Crash


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Hi, my game keeps crashing and I'm new to Skyrim modding so I don't really know how to fix this without asking other people. 

The file conflicts are between CharacterMakingExtender_64.dll and Acro's Tera Elin Remastered mod release, whenever I go into the "showracemenu" (or the game start editor) and go on the custom race, my game crashes. 


Disabling the specific "CharacterMakingExtender.esp" makes it so I can go on the custom race again in the "showracemenu", however I need to access that menu to get the character preset I want so its not really an option if just ignoring the problem. 


 My crash log states 

Unhandled exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x02329FA6A08B characterMakingExtender_64.dll+000A08B
[ 0] 0x02329FA6A08B characterMakingExtender_64.dll+000A08B
[ 1] 0x02329FA6B996 characterMakingExtender_64.dll+000B996
[ 2] 0x02329FA750E3 characterMakingExtender_64.dll+00150E3
[ 3] 0x7FF6ACCBE369                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F0E369 -> 82257+0x2D9
[ 4] 0x7FF6ACCBDE13                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F0DE13 -> 82255+0x153
[ 5] 0x7FF6ACCF1775                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F41775 -> 83250+0x2BC5
[ 6] 0x7FF6ACCE6753                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F36753 -> 83102+0x123
[ 7] 0x7FF6ACCF1775                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F41775 -> 83250+0x2BC5
[ 8] 0x7FF6ACCE6753                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F36753 -> 83102+0x123
[ 9] 0x7FF6ACD6203D                   SkyrimSE.exe+0FB203D -> 85154+0x36D
[10] 0x7FF6ACD13987                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F63987 -> 83766+0x4C7
[11] 0x7FF6ACCC0C33                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F10C33 -> 82307+0x73
[12] 0x7FF6ACCB69A7                   SkyrimSE.exe+0F069A7 -> 82083+0x1C7
[13] 0x7FF6AC38B7D0                   SkyrimSE.exe+05DB7D0 -> 36564+0xAF0
[14] 0x7FF924F36617  MusTeraElinRaceController.dll+0046617
[15] 0x7FF6AC3838A5                   SkyrimSE.exe+05D38A5 -> 36544+0x165
[16] 0x7FF6AD22719E                   SkyrimSE.exe+147719E -> 109636+0x106
[17] 0x7FF9859954E0                   KERNEL32.DLL+00154E0
[18] 0x7FF986A4485B                      ntdll.dll+000485B
I don't know if I have to add anything else in this post but please help me :D


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