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Cutscenes static and abomination Shale

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Hey everyone!


I'm planning to start my first modded play through of the game and it's so far been relatively painless except for a few hiccups. Hoping to maybe figure out what the culprit is!


I do have the 4gb patch installed, changed my settings to only use one cpu core, and for any of the custom morphs I deleted any of their files from the remaster/IA.


Biggest issues are that cutscenes, specifically the starting one narrated by Duncan, and certain pre-rendered ones are stuttering, and the audio clips/sparks. The other weird issue (and this is just because I'm testing whether textures work for companions using the console) that Shale is always just a naked dude with no eyes or scalp.


Here are my current mods. Aside from the above it's not running poorly at all. I'd like to install sleep until dawn, Alistair eavesdropping, and the rescue at ishale if possible.


  • Dragon Age Origins Unofficial Remaster (I've followed instructions on what to delete to negotiate this and IA)
  • Improved Atmosphere
  • Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors
  • Lyth's Updated Morrigan
  • Natural Bodies All in One
  • Smoke Remover
  • Tattoo Cosmetics
  • Blood Retexture
  • World Map Replacer
  • Morrigan and Leliana Sacred Ashes Mod (Just Leliana)
  • Resized Shale
  • Shale Retextured HD
  • It's Oghren
  • A Year With Sten
  • Qunari Update Mod
  • Kossith Add-on
  • Kossith Add-on Arishok Retexture
  • Talk Elfy to Me
  • Ser Gilmore Lawful Head Morph
  • Faster Movement in AND out of combat
  • Robes of the Wild
  • 4k First Enchantress Robe
  • Werewolves Dont Wear Clothes
  • Sten - No Clothes
  • make console commands visible
  • Grey Wardens of Ferelden 4k-2k Textures

I'm running it off of these specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3000 Series
  • 3.6 ghz
  • 1TB SSD
  • 16 GB Ram
  • AMD Radeon RZ 5600 XT


Thank you!!!

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