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Mod Request: Slider for enchanting

mod request

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i would like a request a slider for enchanting mod, so that when i enchant stuff, it won't be a static value like 5 restore health ring.


if a mod already exist, please kindly send the link as i can't find it anywhere



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Well I doubt you will find any at all. This is an area I know nothing about. I do know that one mod, FEA allows you to have enchanting as a skill and the higher skill the better enchants. The best way to make custom enchants is with CS really, and that way, you get it as perfect as you want it.  I can make a tutorial if you need one.


I do recommend 2 Enchant mods, and they work side by side even.

Multiple Enchants https://www.nexusmod...ivion/mods/9423

FEA https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41553 


I also find some mods that makes better enchants. The Enchant UI, is XML format, and making that to work with Scripts is beyond my knowledge. But look at the Alchemy Advanced https://www.nexusmod...vion/mods/25226 , it is not impossible.  :)  That mod has what you request but for Alchemy


This is more advanced modding. If anyone knows how to make it, go ahead. I do doubt it really that any active modder today knows how to make anything like Advanced Alchemy but for enchanting. We could backtrack it, well Backward engineering, making the same or similar changes to the Enchant UI XML file and change the scripts to fit enchanting but I do not have time for that as I have 2 WIPs, well 3, as I do have a tiny project in Skyrim as well.


I really feel that the enchants I make with FEA, is enough. I do think I made multi enchants at my armor and jewels. My char is so damn OP, it cannot be killed. My char in Skyrim is more vulnerable and I will keep it that way really. I do not really think it is fun playing in almost a GOD mode similar char. What is the fun in that?  ;)  Well the Multi Enchanting mod can add 6 enchants to every object. I could really just turn on GOD mode, as the result would be the same  :D   In Skyrim, my weapons do 1 hit kills everything except dragons....  :/   In Oblivion I use 3 pets that now are OP, but still, fun to use.  It is hard to really find a good balance. We are so vulnerable as a new lvl 1 char in all games, but we fast reach the part where we get OP and the game gets a bit boring.  :D  Well i am not bored really.  :D

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