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Question about Script auto-exchange of clothes

script question auto

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Hey there fellow modders.


I´ve got an idea but stumbeling about how to realize it. Would love to use it in our mod, but since iam not the god of scripting i still cannot get any ideas.

So iam asking you all if you can lend a hand to me. :smile:


Its about an mannequin in the bedroom thats equipped with the clothes the dragonborn weares at home. (something like fine clothes or whatever is equipped to the mannequin) I want those clothes to exchange with the ones you wear at the moment. So that you can switch with one click (with a little blackscreen) into your home wear, instead of unequipping it all by yourself.

In Frostfall for example theres an auto unequip, but nothing thats similiar to my idea.

Think that would be a cool addition for the time you come home for resting, cooking, eating and such things. (wonderful for immersive and realistic players like me)

Havent found anything like this in the forums and neither at google, so i´am hoping you will come up with a few good ideas how to realize it. :smile:


Thanks in advance for every tiny bit that could help me, i´ll  make sure to repay it somehow. ;-)


With greetings and best regards,


Livelover or T




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I'm thinking outside the box here.... just thinking...   Feel free to read the rambling as that is what it will most likely resemble :tongue:


Player alias script on dummy quest...

Build a form list of items as they are equipped.  This list will have EVERY item the player ever equips listed in it.  Filter the build by using only Armor items.


Mannequin alias script on the same dummy quest...

Does the same thing, builds it's own form list of EVERYTHING that it ever equips.   Filter the build by using only Armor items.


A trigger box in the cell near the door that the player must pass thru. It's script...

Cycle thru the form list from the player and get the CURRENT worn items from off that list, unequip and transfer to a temp container.

Cycle thru the form list from the mannequin and get the CURRENT worn items from off that list, unequip, transfer to player and equip.

Transfer to temp stored items from player to the mannequin.  Stock mannequin script SHOULD auto-equip.


Then provide some means for items to NOT transfer from player to mannequin.  Perhaps a specific container that can be used to build a new form list.  Anything added will be put on a "do not use list" and auto given back to the player.


Thus the trigger box's script would compare if the current worn item is in the "do not use list" and won't use it if it is.


Okay. Rambling over.  Sounds doable.  But without actually writing the scripts and testing it, no idea if it will really work.  Something you could look into tho.


EDIT: The way I wrote it, it will work with only ONE mannequin.  I think that is all you'd want anyway.  And the dummy quest needs to be start game enabled.

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Wow. Super fast answer. :)

Sounds definetly like an way to do it, and yes, its just for the mannequin in the main bedroom. I hate to undress all by myself when iam "at home". Should be easier, and viewable. So that you can acutally see which armor you wear in battle. ;-) Just have to look how many "special containers" i will use. Thanks a lot, hope it works out. Gonna try it directly. :)

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