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Bats fly around me whenever I encounter an enemy?

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Is there a mission or item I currently have that makes these bats appear whenever I am encountering enemies in the world? It is very annoying... I want to remove that effect. There is also a red aura that goes with around me and the bats. I am a werewolf, not a vampire. I also inserted the command to cure vampirism.
I am using Septimus Modpack for Wabbajack.



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FWIW,,, The "cure" to stop vampirism is to ingest a Cure Disease potion before you become a vampire. (ie, before the process completes)




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Could there be a Mod in your overall Mod load order that has added a "bat swarm" effect somewhere? 


You could check your Mod descriptions, or check Mod titles, to see if they hint at changes to Werewolves and Vampires experiences, to kind of troubleshoot.    


You could also try disabling the Septimus Modpack, temporarily, to see if the annoying effect disappears . . .?  



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That must drive you bat-$h!+ crazy. (Sorry...lol... I couldn't resist.  This post just made me laugh after having a rather annoying day).   If you don't have any mods that will break your game when deactivated, you can can try a troubleshooting session where you half the number of mods each time until you narrow it down to one.  In a month or so, I will be posting a utility that can help find the cause of glitches like these by doing this automatically.(among many other things).

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