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Dear beloved modding community,


I am currently working on a story mod, introducing new playable content/worldspaces/quest. In the end the mod is supposed to give the player a couple of hours to play and explore. But the big problem I´ve encountered is the size of the mod. With the time I can spend modding right now there will be no end to a project that big. So I am curious wether someone is eager to participate or knows where my voice can be heard by other modders.


What I need would be modders who:


* can script

* can change/create new .nifs

* are skilled texture-artists


What I would provide:


* A tense story taking place on an (till now unknown [to ensure freedom of modders imagination]) fairly big island north-west of Hammerfell inhabited by Redguards and an old nordic Tribe: Political struggles on an parted island, a kingdom not part of the empire struck by subtle political take-over through a corrupt branch of the East Empire Company, conflicts of the past boiling up again and bringing the player into several situations where he has to choose a way (influencing the go of the story)

* The base and hardly in develop landscapes and cells, ideas for new weapon/armor/enemies etc., brilliant concepts for regions and scenes and a high motivation to continue the development

* openess for every new idea or changes of already existing content



So if someone is interested in taking part or can give me some advise where/how to find other modders, you might be highly welcome! :wink:






In the End some information about the project: (If any questions occur or you want to have further information just pm me)


* High map of the main worldspace:



* Island of Riym:

Size - approx 2.5 x Solstheim

Island known since last century of the 2E. Backroundstory already coceptualized.

North-western Area populated by Nords

Mainland and eastern part populated mainly by redguards (imigrated from Hammerfell in second era)

Main city: Nighthold (the M-like structure in the middle of the island), including the Nightguard army and royal structures


* Only scenic-modding and armor-setup done so far.

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